25 Free Watercolor Brush Sets for Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to design, some styles come and go. Others, on the other hand, remain popular for years, if not decades. Watercolor effect is one of the most popular design styles in both web and graphic design. Using various combinations of pastel and neutral colors, this subtle technique gives designers the ability to give a natural, fresh and spring-like feel to their designs.

One way to add this effect to your designs is to spend hours creating it from scratch. Or, you could download a high-quality, watercolor brush pack for Photoshop, and apply it to all your designs in just a fraction of time needed to make it from scratch.

Watercolor brushes are a great choice for modern design projects that require a subtle texture and a tiny bit of depth. Given the delicate nature of watercolor brushes, they are great for poster design and flyer design as well as invitations and website backgrounds.

There are also watercolor brushes that are more grungy in nature which makes them perfect for more edgy designs and you could even use them to create a tie-dye effect on apparel or accessory designs. Another way to use these watercolor brushes is to create modern stationery items such as notebooks, notepads or journals.

In this collection, we have 25 free watercolor Photoshop brush sets to help you create your own watercolor-styled designs. You will find delicate watercolor flowers, grungy watercolor brush strokes, retro watercolor splashes, and tons more. Check them out below, download them, and apply them to your designs.

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Photoshop watercolor brushes

Watercolor paint spray free Photoshop brush set – Stains of joy

We start the list with a brush that will allow you to create more natural watercolor patterns. The drop effects of this brush will be perfect to add additional details to any work, in addition to its immense size, so you can use it for large projects.

Additionally, this spray effect is completely free to use, so you can work with it on personal and commercial projects.

Wet PS Brushes – Realistic effects

Thanks to the clipping masks included in this set, you can combine different brushes to create realistic watercolor finishes. Each of the twenty 2,500px resolution brushes can be mixed with other elements, such as letters or textures, to naturally degrade colors.

28 High Resolution Watercolor Brushes – Different types of shading

Part of the magic of watercolors is that they have irregular designs that are sometimes difficult to control. If you want to create this mess, you need a collection that includes stains, lines, and strokes with different textures. Here you can download all that with qualities that vary between 600 and 2,200px.

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38 Hi-Res Watercolor Brushes – Straight from reality

These free watercolor brushes have a unique quality because they were scanned and then digitized into Photoshop brushes. Each of the 38 options in the set offers a unique quality.

Free Watercolor Strokes PNG and Brushes – Additional details

If Photoshop watercolor brushes are not what you are looking for your project, you can always use the 31 designs in PNG format included in this set. You will have much more control than if you used them as a brush.

Watercolor Splatters – High-resolution stains

It’s difficult to recreate a watercolor stain manually, but luckily there are plenty of brush packs that can handle this job. This set, for example, offers 32 high-resolution brushes with which to add those irregular and dripping details to your designs.

Watercolor paint blobs free Photoshop brush set – Colorful explosions

A large smear of color may be all you need to create a beautiful presentation that retains a simple style. Since not all stains are created equal, this set includes several options to choose from.

High-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – The oil complement


Although the texture of these seven free watercolor Photoshop brushes is much more solid than that of the rest, with the correct combination of lines you can create all kinds of classic works.

Also, you don’t have to worry about size, since all files have a 2,500px resolution.

9 HQ Watercolor Brush – Textures for any occasion

This Deviant Art user offers a small collection with nine watercolor brushes, each with different textures for a professional finish.

25 Free Ink and Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – Draw and paint

Thanks to the ink brushes included in this set, you can create any type of drawing that requires more defined strokes. Once you have finished outlining your project, you can color it using the watercolor brushes also included in the set.

Watercolor Basics – Following basic concepts

The best way to achieve realism when drawing with watercolors is if they use the basic concepts of the technique. In other words, rough textures, defined contours, and diluted colors. That is what is done in this high-resolution set.

Watercolor Splatters – Another stained alternative

Thick, thin, large, or small stains, you can get them all in this pack of 111 watercolor brushes. If you don’t know how to start using them, you may want to review the tutorial included on the page.

21 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Set II – Complement with small details

The different customization options of each of the brushes in this set allow you to create all kinds of lines. You will be able to create dense spots or blank spaces, with defined or slightly refined corners, and all this by editing any of the 20 built-in patterns.

Free High-Res Photoshop Brushes: Grungy Watercolor – Worn ink

Add character with this set of 10 Photoshop watercolor brushes that offer worn and rustic stains.

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Social Media Watercolors – For the community managers

Those who are dedicated to the administration of social networks will need to constantly create graphic content and nothing better for that than a series of watercolor brushes with already drawn logos.

Soft Watercolor Brushes – Don’t saturate the paint

If you don’t want to saturate the work with colors, the best thing you can do is use brushes with light tones and a few details like the ones in this package. Soft colors are perfect for blending with other design elements.

WaterColor Reloaded – Create a huge collection

Every artist needs to have a huge gallery of brushes with which to work, that’s why you must download these 83 textures of decent resolutions for your works.

24 Watercolor Brushes – Variety for all jobs

Something that characterizes the watercolor brushes is the naturalness that they must capture. The combination of the 24 options in this set can help you with this task.

Watercolor Textures – Take control of your drawing

Maybe so much lack of control does not benefit you, and what you are looking for is a brush that is more consistent but looks like watercolor. These Photoshop watercolor brushes are not so random, but thanks to their transparency and textures, they still achieve the desired effect.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes 2 – Just what you need

Each of the 15 free alternatives in this set has just the right details to create a natural look for your projects.

100 Strokes – Speed up the project

100 strokes offer you a variety of simple brushes and some predesigned elements so that you only put them in your project and you don’t have to spend hours editing them. You will not only get watercolors but also acrylic paints.

Watercolor Photoshop Stamp Brushes – Artistic skill

The only way to recreate Photoshop watercolor brushes with this quality is to have them drawn by hand, and that is precisely the peculiarity of this set. All the leaves, flowers, and bows were drawn and then digitized.

Free Watercolor 7-Pack – For quick designs

If you don’t find a watercolor brush to work with, you should check out this little set of seven high-resolution brushes. They are simple but have the right amount of details.

Watercolor Brush Pack 6 – Experience in the field

An author who has experience in creating brushes designed this free collection. You can find many more alternatives if his work fascinates you.

Fine Detail Watercolors – Perfect accessories

Small details can be perfectly drawn using one of the 17 high-resolution brushes in this set.

Watercolor Wash Photoshop Brushes – For the design professional

If you want to get a professional finish quickly, you will only need one of the 15 brushes with resolutions of more than 2,500px in this set.

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WG Watercolor Brushes – Maximum elegance

Your projects can become maximum expressions of elegance with one of the 20 brushes offered by WeGraphics.

Watercolor Sloppy Mess – Appearances are deceiving

The name is not a reflection of the quality of these free watercolor brushes. You can still feel the wetness in the paper in each of the strokes.

Watercolor Shapes – Defined shapes

Using 15 geometric figures as a base, the author has created a series of brushes with watercolor textures with which you will have maximum control of the strokes.

20 Watercolor Brushes – Combine with what you want

The brushes in this pack have the quality of blending into each other perfectly, easily recreating a real watercolor painting.

20 Splatter Brushes – Amazing resolutions

To appreciate the rustic appearance of these brushes, each texture has been created with a resolution of 5,000px.

Watercolor Wash Photoshop Brushes – Free also includes quality

Just because these 15 Photoshop watercolor brushes are free doesn’t mean they don’t have amazing quality. They manage to capture the essence of a real brush.

Hi-Res Watercolor Textures – Sublime prints

We finish this list of Photoshop watercolor brushes with a set of five backgrounds that will be perfect for printed works. Each of the images features 300DPI, so you won’t see blurry detail on the large canvases.

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Watercolor Design Bundle – Brushes & Textures

This is a massive bundle that contains several unique elements you can use to craft your own stylish watercolor designs. The pack includes 169 handcrafted watercolor brushes, 64 watercolor textures, and more than 100 watercolor textures in Illustrator file format. It’s the perfect pack for designers and illustrators.

1. AaronGriffinArt Brushes

Get These Brushes

To start off here’s a really unique pack from AaronGriffinArt devoted to Photoshop work.

These brushes still attract a lot of attention with comments as recent as this week, even though the pack was published years ago. Talk about quality.

All of these brushes are used in Aaron’s work so you can get a taste of how they’d look just by skimming his art.

best watercolor brushes for Photoshop from GrutBrushes

Actual paint strokes done with the Cherry Pectin watercolour brush


ink paint blood splatter photoshop brushes free

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